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เงินฝากคล่องตัว สภาพคล่องสูง ขั้นต่ำ 10,000 บาท

เงินฝากคล่องตัว 4 เดือน

  • วงเงิน 10,000 บาท แต่ไม่ถึง 5 ล้านบาท ดอกเบี้ย 2.75% ต่อปี
  • วงเงิน 5 ล้านบาทขึ้นไป ดอกเบี้ย 2.85% ต่อปี

เงินฝากคล่องตัว 8 เดือน

  • วงเงิน 10,000 บาท แต่ไม่ถึง 5 ล้านบาท ดอกเบี้ย 2.80% ต่อปี
  • วงเงิน 5 ล้านบาทขึ้นไป ดอกเบี้ย 3.00% ต่อปี

เงินฝากคล่องตัว 15 เดือน

  • วงเงิน 10,000 บาท แต่ไม่ถึง 5 ล้านบาท ดอกเบี้ย 2.85% ต่อปี
  • วงเงิน 5 ล้านบาทขึ้นไป ดอกเบี้ย 3.00% ต่อปี

สำหรับลูกค้าที่ใช้บริการเงินฝากคล่องตัว 8 เดือนหรือ 15 เดือน ตั้งแต่ 10 ล้านบาทขึ้นไปในช่วงเทศกาลนี้ จะได้รับกรมธรรม์ประกันอุบัติเหตุ วงเงินคุ้มครอง 5 ล้านบาทต่อราย (สงวนสิทธิ์ 1 กรมธรรม์ ต่อรายบุคคล)

ตั๋วแลกเงินกสิกรไทย ดอกเบี้ยสูง ความเสี่ยงต่ำ ขั้นต่ำ 1 ล้านบาท

ตั๋วแลกเงินกสิกรไทย 3 เดือน

  • วงเงิน 1 ล้านบาทขึ้นไป ดอกเบี้ย 2.85% ต่อปี

ตั๋วแลกเงินกสิกรไทย 6 เดือน

  • วงเงิน 1 ล้านบาท แต่ไม่ถึง 10 ล้านบาท ดอกเบี้ย 3.00% ต่อปี
  • วงเงิน 10 ล้านบาทขึ้นไป ดอกเบี้ย 3.10% ต่อปี

ตั๋วแลกเงินกสิกรไทย 12 เดือน

  • วงเงิน 1 ล้านบาท แต่ไม่ถึง 10 ล้านบาท ดอกเบี้ย 3.00% ต่อปี
  • วงเงิน 10 ล้านบาทขึ้นไป ดอกเบี้ย 3.15% ต่อปี


Benefits Of Robots.txt File For Your Website

If you have an online business and do not know what a robots.txt, or robots exclusion standard file is then I am here to help you understand why you need one.

Having a robots.txt file can be beneficial to your web site in a variety of ways

1. Saving Bandwidth:

Search engine spider robots and web robots will not visit certain areas of your web site that you can choose to restrict access to such as your cgi bin or certain images you store on your server for personal use.

2. Cleans Up Your Logs:

If you’ve submitted your web site to the search engines than the spider robots will be searching for your robots.txt file. If they do not find one the robot generates a ‘404 File Not Found’ error everytime. These robots might be searching for that file several times a day. Adding the file to your root directory will help eliminate these errors and boost your rankings.

3. Online Protection:

The search engine robots, unless instructed otherwise by your robots.txt file, will attempt to index as much of your web site as possible. This means that if you have confidential documents or files on your server your competition might be able to find them online.

4. Avoid Unwanted Indexing:

Sometimes as a webmaster we might be developing ‘test’ or ‘development’ versions of our web site which are not ready for public viewing. You can use a robots.txt file to prevent this content from being indexed and therefore avoid any potential problems.
5. Robots Are For Professionals:

If you are a professional web designer / web programmer than you need a robots.txt file. Only amateurs in the game of web design do not use one. To learn how to create a robots.txt file in a variety of ways visit our other online marketing blog post “Robots.txt File Generator”

How To Disable Autorun

Here's How:

  1. If you use XP Pro, follow steps 1 through 8 only. XP Home users begin at step 9.
  2. Click Start and then click Run
  3. Type gpedit.msc and click OK
  4. The Group Policy window will open. In the left pane, double-click Administrative Templates
  5. In the right pane, double-click System
  6. Scroll down the list and double-click Turn Off Autoplay
  7. In the Turn Off Autoplay Properties window, select Enabled. From the dropdown next to Turn Off Autoplay on, select All drives and then click OK
  8. Exit Group Policy by selecting File, then choosing Exit from the menu.
  9. XP Home users will need to make the changes by editing the registry directly. To begin, click Start and then click Run
  10. Type regedit and click OK. The Registry Editor window will open.
  11. In the left pane, navigate to:
    (Note: For help navigating the registry, see the Windows Basics System Registry tutorial).
  12. With Explorer highlighted, in the right-pane right click the value NoDriveTypeAutoRun and select Modify from the drop down menu. The base value will be set to Hexadecimal. If not, select Hexadecimal.
  13. Type 95 and click OK.
    Note that this will stop Autorun on removable/USB drives, but still allow it on CD ROM drives. If you want to disable autorun on both, substitute b5 for the 95. (Thanks to Ian L. of Manitoba for the tip).
  14. Exit Registry Editor by selecting File, then choosing Exit from the menu.
  15. You will now need to reboot your computer for the changes to take effect.


EMS Tracking

You can track your parcel shipped via EMS on the following websites or the contact numbers listed in the table.

CANADA Canada Post 1-888-550-6333
MEXICO MEXPOST MEXICO 5385-09-00 or 5385-09-60
UNITED STATES PICKUP OR TRACKING CALL 1-800-222-1811 toll free number
AUSTRIA Wien 01- 89-20-6-46or89-20-6-47
BELGIUM Brussel 078-15 33 43
DENMARK Post-Denmark 32-51-41-16 FAX 32-51-63-01
FINLAND Finland Post 0200 27100
FRANCE Chrono Post SA 080-3-801801 FAX 1-414-84-47-18
GERMANY Deutsche Post Express GmbH 69-6953-2147 FAX 69-6953-2148
GREECE Hellenic Post 0800 1182000
IRELAND SDS 353-1-459-1133
ITALY ROMA CAI POST 06-65010820 or 02-70203728/29 SPORTELLO
NETHERLANDS KLM Royal Dutch Airline 20-6498127

ROMANIA Posta Romana

RUSSIA Russian Post

Slovak Republic Slovenska Posta

SPAIN MADRID 902-197197
SWEDEN Posten 020-23 22 21
SWITZERLAND Swiss Post 0800-888-777
TURKEY ATATURK 212-6630627
UK (UNITED KINGDOM) PARCEL FORCE 0800-224466 toll free number

ARGENTINA Correro Argentino

BRAZIL Correios

CHILE Correos Chile 800-267736
COLUMBIA Correos de Colombia 01-8000-111210
PERU LIMA 14-4868846
JAPAN Japan Post 03-3242-5879
KOREA ePOST. 02-3444-4127~9
MALAYSIA KUALA LUMPUR 3-2273-1089 or 3-2273-2121
TAIWAN TAIPEI 2-2356-0881
THAILAND Thailand Post 0-2982-8222
ISRAEL The Israel Postal Authority

AUSTRALIA Australia Post 13 13 18


SMTP ของประเทศไทย

ISP ผู้ให้บริการ SMTP Server
A-Net mail.a-net.net.th
Asia Access bkk1.asiaaccess.net.th
Asianet classic.asianet.co.th
Click TA mail.clickta.com
CS Internet mail.cscoms.com
Data Line Thai mail.linethai.co.th
Fareast Internet mail.fareast.net.th
Idea Net mail.idn.co.th
Infonews smtp.infonews.co.th
Internet Thailand mozart.inet.co.th
Ji-Net net1.ji-net.com
KSC mail.ksc.net.th
Loxinfo mail.loxinfo.co.th
Samart smtp.samart.co.th
Siam-it Online mail.networkthailand.com
TOT tot.pacific.net.th
TT&T relay2.cat.net.th
World Net mail.wnet.net.th


Microsoft buys Norwegian internet search

The American software company Microsoft is embracing Norwegian internet search technology. At the beginning of January, the company bought Fast Search and Transfer (FAST).

John Markus Lervik, CEO and founder of FAST.Photo: Fast Search and Transfer

18/01/2008 :: “FAST is a world leader in business search solutions based on the best business search technology, and we are world leaders in the field of productivity-enhancing software. We are convinced that the combination of our strengths will give our business clients a competitive advantage,” says Microsoft Norway’s Head of Communications, Eirik Lae-Solberg, to the Norwegian online newspaper digi.no.

“This acquisition gives FAST an exciting way to spread our cutting-edge search technologies and innovations to more and more organizations across the world,” says John Markus Lervik, CEO and founder of FAST, in a press release.

FAST develops search technology for businesses, databases and the internet. The company was established in Trondheim in 1997, and today has 500 employees spread all over the world. Microsoft has paid NOK 19 per share, giving the company a value of NOK 6.6 billion.

Norwegian companies are at the forefront of internet technology, and particularly the development of multi-functional web- and intranet sites, fast web browsers, online games and e-business solutions.

Payment of visa fee through Kasikorn Bank

As of 18 February 2008 the Norwegian Embassy requires that all fees in connection with visa applications (Schengen visa, family reunification, work permit, permit to study etc.) have to be paid through Kasikorn Bank, Sukhumvit 33 (Bangkapi Branch). In case the bank is closed due to banking holidays, and the Embassy is open to receive applications, it will still be possible to pay the fee by cash as previously, but only on banking holidays.

The applicant will get a deposit slip (see scanned copy) by the staff member who is doing the preliminary screening of the documents in the waiting room. After the screening has been performed, and the applicant has been told that all the required documents are present, the applicant has to go down to Kasikorn Bank on the ground floor in order to pay the fee. The applicant has to fill in the name of the payee on the deposit slip. The Embassy has already filled out the amount of the fee. The applicant has to return back to the Embassy on the 18th floor on the same day to submit the application immediately after the fee has been paid in Kasikorn Bank. It will not be possible to pay through any other bank, or any other branch of Kasikorn Bank, and the payment has to be done with the deposit slip given by the embassy staff.




ผมเลยสรุปหลักจำง่ายๆ เมื่อจำได้ก็สามารถไปเขียนภาษาอะไรก็ได้ ดังนี้

1. ชุดคำสั่งประกาศค่า (Declaration statement)
- คำสั่งประกาศค่าตัวแปร (Variable declaration)
int x;
var x:integer;
Dim x as float;
const x = "Hello world";

- คำสั่งประกาศตัวแปรชุด (Array declaration)
char x[10];
char x = new char[10];
Dim x(n) as Integer;

- คำสั่งประกาศฟังก์ชั่นไม่ส่งค่ากลับ (non-returning function Declaration)
Sub Func(a) ... End Sub
Procedure Func(b) ... End Procedure
void foo(a) {... }

- คำสั่งประกาศฟังก์ชั่นไม่ส่งค่ากลับ (value returning function Declaration)
int Func(a){...; return x; ..}
Function foo(a):Integer begin ... end;
Function foo(a) as Integer ... End Function

2. ชุดคำสั่งที่ใช้ในการทดสอบเพื่อใช้ในการทำงานหรือเก็บค่าในการคำนวนต่อไป (Expression statement)

- คำสั่งใช้ในการกำหนดค่า (Assignment statement) เช่น
x = 1
y = "Hello";

- คำสั่งคำนวนค่าถูกผิด (Boolean statement)
y = x > 5
a = x -ge 10
b = (y != 10)

- คำสั่งคำนวนด้านตัวเลข (Arithmetic statement)
x = a + 5
y = a + b - c
z = a \ b

- คำสั่งคำนวนด้านตรรกศาสตร์ (Logical statement)
x = x and y
y = x or z
x = a && b

- คำสั่งคำนวนด้วยฟังก์ชั่น (Functional statement)
x = sin(b)
x = func(a) + func(b)

3. ชุดคำสั่งควบคุมการทำงาน (Control Flow Statement) แบ่งออกเป็นหลายประเภทคือ
- คำสั่งเงื่อนไข (Conditional Statement) ใช้ในการระบุเงื่อนไขเพื่อทำตามที่ต้องการ
If... then...else..
if {} then {} else {};
case...else..end case;

- คำสั่งทำซ้ำชนิดระบุจำนวน (Count-controlled loops)
for (i+1;i++;i>10) do {}
for i = 1 to 10 do .. next

- คำสั่งทำซ้ำชนิดตามเงื่อนไข (Condition-controlled loops)
for (i=0;i > 10) do {... ; i++; }
while (i > 10) do... i=i+1;... loop;
do ..; i = i + 1;... loop until (i > 10)

- คำสั่งทำซ้ำโดยระบุกลุ่ม (Collection-controlled loops)
foreach someArray { xxx }
Collection coll; for (String s : coll) {}
foreach (string s in myStringCollection) { xxx }

- คำสั่งทำซ้ำชนิดไม่มีที่สิ้นสุด (Infinite loops)
for (;;; ) do {}

- คำสั่งที่ให้ทำซ้ำต่อเมื่อเจอคำสั่งดังกล่าว (Continuation with next iteration)

- คำสั่งที่ให้ออกจากการวนซ้ำก่อนกำหนด (Early exit from loops)

- ชุดคำสั่งที่ให้ออกไปทำงานจากการทำงานปกติ (non-local control flow statement)
on error goto...
on ... goto ...
try {...} catch {}
using (... ){ return.. ; }

4. ชุดคำสั่งที่มีการไปเรียกชุดคำสั่งย่อยๆ หรือกระโดดไปทำงานส่วนอื่น (Branch or Jump statement)
goto ... (jump to statement)
call , gosub ... (jump to subroutine and come back)
jmp ... (jump without condition)
jnz ... (jump if non zero)

5. ชุดคำสั่งรับค่าหรือส่งค่าสู่อุปกรณ์(Standard Input and Standard Output)
- คำสั่งรับข้อมูลเข้า (Input statement)
cin >> x

- คำสั่งส่งข้อมูลออก (Output statement)
cout << x

Credit: CyberJiab


Unusual eBay Feedback

POSITIVE: Item shipped quickly, have been having erotic dreams about seller. Thanks!

POSITIVE: Thanks for great Rainbow Brite lunchbox. Should shrunken head be inside?

NEUTRAL: Excellent communication, but should've poked holes in box before shipping the kitten. Refunded.

NEGATIVE: Despite indication in listing, I could not fit item into any of my body cavities.

NEGATIVE: Honda R-Type sticker did not add horsepower as advertised.

NEUTRAL: Item shipped promptly and in good condition, but I should not have to bid on birthday presents from my parents.

POSITIVE: I don't really remember what I ordered. But I've been sitting in the box it came in all day, and it's great!

NEGATIVE: Product didn't work, possibly broken. I woke up this morning and was disappointed to find I still believe in Jesus Christ our Savior. :(

POSITIVE: Excellent Buyer. A++++++. Thrilled by the quartz movement of the "Rolex". HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

NEGATIVE: Should have been clearer that seller only accepts payment in Bhats via Eastern Union Moneygram.

POSITIVE: Plain brown packaging seemed to fool my wife. Thanks!

NEGATIVE: The dog won't hunt.

NEGATIVE: Very nice monkey mascot costume, but it's a size 34, not a 63 as advertised.

NEGATIVE: Lederhosen not as pink as the picture led me to believe.

POSITIVE: A+++++. Items are exactly as described. Best case of kalashnikovs I've ever bought. Allah Akbar!

NEGATIVE: This is clearly the ninth, NOT THE SIXTH, repackaging of Mad Super Special #24.

POSITIVE: One of the scents mixed in with the packing peanuts remind me of a passionate weekend in Rio... was that you?

POSITIVE: The way you wrote my zip-code makes me weak in the knees. Such smooth strokes. A+!

NEGATIVE: Though you did nothing wrong, I am giving you this negative feedback to teach you that the universe is arbitrary and unfair.

NEGATIVE: Buying this Space 1999 Lunchbox did not fill the void in my empty life for as long as I'd hoped.



Letters of Thanks from People We've Answered

Letters of Thanks from People We've Answered

What appears below is a fraction of the notes of appreciaton we get...

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to reply to my problem in such a prompt manner. You both really opened my eyes. I have read what you wrote over and over and it all makes so much sense. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!

I want to thank you so much for the help and advice you have shared with me in the past. I contacted you last January about an issue I was having. Based on the advice you gave me, I thought long and hard and made the decision that was necessary for me to be happy in my life. It has been difficult, but I am now experiencing not only a new freedom, but happiness at making a decision that I knew I needed to make the whole time. It was just really great to have some validation!

I just wanted to write a thank you note to say without your help, books and website. I would not be where I am today. I'm still working on issues, but at least they are not taking control of my life. I'm very much in love with my girlfriend and we are moving forward together.

Thank you!! You have given me much to think about.

Thank you so much for responding so quickly. It really helped me.

I would just like to say "THANK YOU" for a VERY quick response. I didn't expect it SO quick. You have given me/us some good advise and believe me, it is greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks Again!!!!

I do thank you with all my heart for sharing such wonderful words with me. I am taking your thoughts into consideration. It's great to receive a neutral point of view for a change. Thank you again

I just wanted to say Thank you very much for the advice and wisdom you shared with me. It really did help me to accept the process and keep myself honest and nurtured regardless of what was going on.

Your service has been of incomparable value and I wanted to let you know that thousands of miles away from you, on a tiny island in New Zealand, a couple (and our daughter) are living much more honestly and lovingly than we could have done without your assistance!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart - I will be a regular visitor to your website and the latest book is on my wish-list for my birthday!

Thank you so much for all of that awesome advice. Most people would just give me a sentence or two and leave it as that. You really opened my eyes and showed me the things that I really need to think about most.

Thank you for your response. I really appreciate the advice you have given me. It will help us through our journey together. Hope you and yours have a happy Valentines.

You have been very kind and helpful in this "darkest" time of my life. I appreciate this kindness tremendously! Thank you again for sharing all of your ideas. They have really helped me.

Thank you for responding so promptly. I can tell you that I honestly was not expecting a response, as is the case with most sites, but yours is obviously different. The response you gave me was so detailed and thoughtful. Thanks again.

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply to me. I really appreciate it and I will definately look into the sites and books that you recommended.

You have really helped me before and I think I need it again. Thanks again for your time.

Thanks a lot for your help. :)

I would like to thank you so much for taking the time to answer me. Your input means a lot. Thank you!

I'm extremely grateful for you answering my e-mail and my question so promptly.

I'm very grateful for the advice. Thanks for your advice, and to mention that I'm looking forward to reading your book, is an understatement. Thanks again, John, for everthing.

Thank you very much for the resonse. It is greatly appreciated. You are right. Thank you for all of your help.

Thank you for your advice you got back to me so so so fast. Thanks this made me feel great. It was a small grain of sand in a whole world of vast mountains, forests, and beaches. Thank for listening God Bless.

A little less than a month ago you gave me advice on how to handle my feelings for my partner, by making me look at the situation from a different perspective. I did and I applied my own advice on myself, it helped me a lot (although it was very hard at times), thank you very much.

Thank you very much your the advice. It's very nice of you to take the time to answer my question so fully. I will be in touch if I decide to seek some form of help in this matter.

I thank you for your prompt response and totally agree with your advice.

Thank you again. All the best for you and your family.

Thanks for helping me....

Thank you for the advice, I spoke with my girlfriend, and she agreed. We have spoken about it now, and it is slowly getting better.

Thank you for your kind and supportive words, I really do appreciate them. I agree wholeheartedly with you on the problems with communication.

I have taken into consideration what you have said, you are very right. I've let people talk and say what they want, I'm moving on from there. Thank you very much for your assistance. If I ever need more help, I will contact you again.

Thanks for the help ;) I really appreciate it. I do agree with what you said about reacting... I just want to thank you for taking the time out to give me some respected guidance about my relationship =)

Thanks again for your kind response and for being there!

I purchased your online book and find it fascinating. Particularly, there is a statement in there that says something like "Love always brings past unresolved issues to the forefront." Again, thanks for the help. I wish you were available in person, as it would be great to find a couple's counselor locally here.

Thank you for the insight.

Thank you so much for your advice.

I can't even begin to tell you how much your email has helped me. It has already helped that inner anxiety that I have and realize that I need to work on that. As soon as I type you this email I am going to download the ebook and look into your book Relationship Tools for Positive Change. I can't thank you enough for your speedy response and all of the personalized information. I'm so impressed and I'm going to tell all of my friends about your website.

Thanks for the help!! It seems like the right way to deal with it, now let's just hope I carry through!!

Wow! John, I never really expected you to answer my question, but I'm glad you did. THANK YOU!!! A lot of sites, you submit questions and they may not answer. I think your site is GREAT. I've forwarded to my friends who are dealing with relationship issues.

I appreciate the chance to gain a little insight from you. Isn't cybersapce wonderful?

Wow, you're reading me like a book. You're really helped me, thanks a lot. Now, just gotta get some rest and start the morning in a new way.

Wow! John, I guess when you said that you were not going to give me some sugar coated piece of fluff you truely meant that. At first I was somewhat offended at what you had said. Then I did some thinking this afternoon and decided to try and figure out if there was any truth to what your assumptions were. Thanks!

It is so good to know that there are people as generous as you with their time to answer personally questions that others ponder on alone for so long. I didn't know you replied to each email. You've made me consider my options and I'm really grateful for your time and original thoughts. Sometimes people are blinded at consequence to themselves and however hard it is they have to look facts in the eye. Thanks.

Thank you very much for the reassurance. I completely agree with you. I will discuss your answer with my partner. Thanks again.

Thank you for your sound advice. I can't believe you answer e-mails personally. You are very generous. I'd been looking for someone impartial to talk to for months but nobody answers you when you write. That's why I was so surprised. I stumbled across your site at 2 am this morning when I was really at my wits end.

Thank you so much for your words of advice. I am going to try "self-love," and if I do need more help, I will set up a phone session. Thanks again for taking the time to listen. May God bless you and your work.

I want you to know that I really appreciate your advice. It was comforting to know that I'm not alone, and that other couples go through the same stuff. Thank you so much.

Thanks so much for you advice, it helped me see some things in a new light.

Thanks very much for your reply and words, as you likely know this is a very important thing to me! I have checked out a number of sites regarding relationships and your advice sounds the most loving. I looked into a couple of 'guys' sites that advocate what seems more like games and psychological warfare then attempts to build love and companionship in a hard time. I think I'll look into your writings! Thanks again, John and take care.

I just wanted to say thank you for your advice, both in the quality and speed you replied. What you said really made sense to me and it was kind of what I was thinking already. It really helped reiterate some of my feelings I wasn't quite sure about and how to handle them. I really appreciated your advice and also found your website to be helpful and entertaining :) You guys are doing a great thing. Thanks again.

Thank you again for the great advice (I included my original email and your response at the end of this email). I also downloaded "Relationship Tools for Positive Change" and am enjoying that also.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the encouragement and confidence boost. Now I do believe that our beautiful feelings will grow from strength to strength and to help things along, we will be guided by the books you recoomnend.

God bless you, John. Keep up the great work!

I will definately buy your book. Again thank you so much for your help.

Thank you for your quick response! I am trying to work through the self-esteem issues I have using positive meditation and personal affirmations. It is definitely a slow and bumpy road:) I will look into purchasing the book "Relationship Tools for Positive Change" and hopefully we can find a way to resolve our issues. Again thank you.

Thank you for your incredibly quick reply. I appreciate the insight that you have already given. I hope that you can give me more... I will check my mail frequently looking for your reply. I feel very alone now and reading your reply helped a great deal. I am considering professional counselling to try and help me deal with my own feelings - do you think I need to take that step?

Thank you for your advice. I will try it.

Thank you! And thank you for replying so quickly. I am going to take your advice and go see a counsellor, but it really helps just knowing that there is something I can work on to turn things around.

Thanx so much John, I really appreciate your advice. I'll give it a try. God Bless and Regards.

Thank's for the advice it's appreciated!

Thanks a lot. I know what you mean... I really appreciate your help.

I recieved your e-mail and I want to thank you so much. I really appreciated your fast reply. Thank you again you are an angel.

Thank you very much for your reply. It was a God's blessing, first because it came so quickly, since I'm feeling very bad tonight and I was in very big need of your reply. Also because your reply had all that I needed so badly: empathy for my feelings, validation for my opinions and a challenge for my part of the responsibility.

I agree with all that you said, totally. God bless you for your wonderful reply. Again, thank you very very much !!!

Thank you for what you said, you were right

Thank you for the advice John. I agree with your thoughts on this matter.

Thank you very much. Your advice and insight is very much appreciated.

Thank you very much for your advice and help. It is greatly appreciated. This "new guy" definetely brings out the best in me and I truly believe that he was brought into my life by God. Thanks again.

Thank you! I will try and I will let you know! Thank you for trying to help.

Thank you soo much.

You were exactly right in pegging me as a "giver" type personality. Your advice has been helpful.

Thank you for your quick reply. We have discussed the sex problem and she agrees to try for something better.

Thank you ... You have helped me out alot :)

Thank you for your sincere and quick response.

Thank you very much for your advice.

Thank you for the advice. I am going to get those books and am very serious about this relationship and I do have alot to undo.

Thank you for your advice!!! I really appreciate it.

Thanks again for the help and encouragement.

Thank you. You have shared some very powerful and insightful words of advice with me. Thank you so much for taking time to listen to my problem and for your help. May God bless you :)

Thank you SO much for answering my letter, i feel like my worries have been highly respected by your response. I cannot thank you enough. It was a pleasure to read your advice, and I will check out the reading you suggested to me. Thank you very, very much.

Thanks! thanks! thank you so much!!! I really appreciated your advice... Well, I'll browse the said sites... Thanks!! More power....

Thank you for your response. I have already started to do some of the things you have mentioned. And it has seemed to make thing a little better I have let her know I am changing for myself not her... I look forward to discussing this with you. Thank you for listening and taking the time to read this.

Thank you very much for your guidance. Now, I have truly understood my state of mind and what I was thinking of. I feel very much enlightened. Thank you again for clearing my doubts.

Thank you for the quick response. Your information was very detail and knowledgeable.

Thanks for much for the prompt reply. Yes, your message does makes sense and I understand (and agree) about being self-cared for and not being needy. Thanks, again, for your advice on this topic!

Hi Dr. Grey, Thank you so much for asuch a quick response. I will let you know what happens. How much is a phone counseling session?

Thanks for the advice!!!!!

It really helps to have someone to talk to other then my divorced parents. Thanks again Mr. Grey.

Thanks for the ear? :) How much do I owe you?

Yes, I think you are right on. Thanks for the help. God bless,

Thank you kindly for your informative response. I appreciate your encouragement and advice. I feel honored to be corresponding with you. Please advise me which is the best way to correspond with you in the future, should your schedule permit.

Thank you for your advice. Your words have given me the courage to do what I needed to do. Thank you so much once again, my life is changed for the better.

Thanks alot, your help was greatly appreciated

I really would like to thank you for answering so quickly, I really appreciate it.

Thank you so much for those wonderful words of wisdom and kindness.

Thank you so much for you advice and guidance.

You are the MAN! Thank you so much, that makes so much sense it's crazy. Your words are very insightful, I will heed them! Thanks again!

How To Avoid Buying Fake Designer Eyewear Online

Designer eyewear is an ecommerce favorite. People buy eyewear on auction sites such as eBay elsewhere as much as they buy any other fashion accessories. Unfortunately this particular market has been plagued by fraudulent marketers of ersatz designer eyewear. Here are some tips for avoiding a dud purchase of false-label eyewear.

1. Look carefully at the photos.
Never buy an item without seeing a very detailed picture first. If the eyewear is fake you will soon see pick it up from the photo. Top designer eyewear has great detail, great finishes.

2. Take your cue from the manufacturer.
Always start your eyewear search at the website of the manufacturer of your favorite brand of eyewear. Look carefully at the photos there. Compare these with the photos on other eyewear and auction websites such as eBay. Beware of identical photos copied directly from the manufacturer’s website. Compare the specifications of the product to the manufacturer’s specifications. Obviously they should match.

3. Price.
Real, genuine designer eyewear is expensive. If the price is extremely low then the eyewear is probably a fake.

4. Is there a warranty?
The manufacture generally offers a warranty via its distributors, so the presence of an after sales service offer in the item description is a good indicator for a genuine product.

5. Check the extras.
Genuine designer eyewear usually comes with the manufacturer’s designer case and a branded cloth. Make sure the offer you are considering includes these.

eBay : Good Communication Means Big $$$ - FREE Email Templates

If you have been selling on eBay for awhile you will find out soon enough that your buyers want to know when and if their purchase was shipped. if you are using Pay Pal for your shipments they will receive a notification from Pay Pal with that information, but is this enough? I think not and over the course of my 7 years on eBay and many thousands of transactions I have come up with some great email templates I use to notify my customers the merchandise is on its way.

First take a look at your email program you use. Outlook Express has a nice feature that enables you to save "Signature Files" Well a signature file can be as long as you want it to be, in fact it can include a full email message. In the beginning when I used Outlook Express I used this method to make up many template emails. I have a ton of them from every subject including, thanks for your order, thanks for your feedback and the subject of this Guide, "Your Order Will Be Shipped Today" templates.

I now use Thunderbird for my email client and Thunderbird handles Templates a different way. They have a directory in your account set up called "Templates" This is where I now keep my Templates for all my eBay business. You can save sub-folders in this Template folder so you can have some called: Ship Notification, Problems, etc.

I go in and write all my templates that I need and then simply go to the File menu and save it as a template and low and behold it appears in my Templates folder. When I need to use it I scroll the list in that directory, find the one I need and simply double click on it to open it up as a new email message. I then only have to paste the buyers email address into the address line and maybe change a few items in that template like the name of the item they bought or the day it will be shipped. My default day is "Today".

So what does the shipment confirmation template look like? Here is one I use for shipping an item via First Class Mail:


Subject: Your purchase will ship today via First Class Mail




I have received payment for your _______________ and it will ship today via First Class Mail with Delivery Confirmation.

On receipt it will be important for you to email me to let me know it has arrived safely and that everything is in order so we can leave feedback for each other. As a way of making sure my customers are satisfied, I prefer to leave feedback on notification of safe arrival of the product.

If you have any questions about my feedback policy, guarantee or any other business matters please visit my Terms & Conditions Center located at:


I think you will find it can answer most of your questions.

I know there are many choices today in buying just about anything and appreciate your business and prompt attention to payment on this transaction.


Len Rapoport

A Proud eBay Silver Power Seller Since 1998


Mailing Address: Your Address Here
Tel: Your Phone Number (Important)
Fax: Your Fax Number
You want them to be able to reach you if there is a problem. Prevents poor feedback.


Visit Some of My Other Web Sites
*I like to show them my photo work and other web sites http://stores.ebay.com/Lens-Friendly-Auctions



My Photo Web Sites Located At:

================================================================ Now I have one of these templates made up for all shipping options, UPS, Priority Mail, Air Mail to Canada, Air Letter Post, etc.

I also have templates prepared for specific items I sell. I do a big business in Custom Grow and Aquarium Lights and they have a lot of information about the lights, breakage issues, optional insurance, links to my site for more information etc. I have prepared these extensive templates in HTML using bold and colored type, etc.

Once I have these made up, I again save them as templates. If you receive positive feedback or comments from a buyer you can use this template to thank them or remind them to leave the feedback. I have found many customers will email me that the parcel has arrived and they are happy with it, but some have not left the feedback yet, so this is a good email to send them.


Subject: Thank You For Your Feedback




Thanks for the email confirmation of safe arrival, your business and of course the positive feedback, it was my pleasure serving you.

I will be sure that my system has left positive feedback for you as well.


Note: If you have not left feedback yet, it is important you do so now so we can complete our transaction. Please go to your Feedback Forum located at:


And leave it there.


I am always searching for new and exciting products to offer my eBay customers so please check my store from time to time to see the new items.


You can also choose to bookmark our store and eBay will send you a notice each time I offer a new item. It is a great way to stay in touch.

Hope to see you again at another auction or sale, I appreciate your patronage, quick payment and of course your positive comments.


Len Rapoport

A Proud eBay Silver Power Seller Since 1998


Mailing Address: Your Address
Tel: Your Number
Fax: Your Number


Source : http://reviews.ebay.com/Good-Communication-Means-Big-FREE-Email-Templates_W0QQugidZ10000000000108733

eBay : FREE Email Templates To Help Increase + Feedback & $$$

I have found a few methods to increase your business and positive feedback from your buyers who may forget, not know how or just are plain lazy and don't want to bother to do it.

As a seller, I always work hard to run an honest, well thought out auction. Plenty of photos, lots of description, clear terms to prevent anything going wrong on a transaction, takes a lot of effort and time. I ship the same day payment is received or the next day on any late payments and am meticulous with the way the orders are packed, shipped and notifications sent to the buyer with the shipping information.

Now assume you did it all right as I try to do, would you leave feedback when you get paid for the item? The answer is a big NO. Why you may ask, well eBay suggests that feedback should be left for each party when the item is received and both parties are satisfied with the transaction.

I have extensive instructions on my Terms & Conditions web site explaining why and how to leave feedback and I also send information to the buyer at the time I ship the item. Here is a sample of that email....please use it as a guide and create your own. Remember what you see below is my creative words and is © Len Rapoport. (you can read another guide I wrote about stealing © images and written works)



I have received payment for your _______________ and it will ship today via First Class Mail with Delivery Confirmation.

On receipt it will be important for you to email me to let me know it has arrived safely and that everything is in order so I can leave feedback for you and you can then leave feedback for me. As a way of making sure my customers are satisfied, I prefer to leave feedback on notification of safe arrival of the product.

If you have any questions about my feedback policy, guarantee or any other business matters please visit my Terms & Conditions Center located at:

My Terms & Conditions Link Goes Here

I think you will find it can answer most of your questions.

I know there are many choices today in buying just about anything and appreciate your business and prompt attention to payment on this transaction.


Len Rapoport

A Proud eBay Silver Power Seller Since 1998


Most buyers are pretty good and will send me a little email that the item has arrived and it gives me an opportunity to send them another Thank You email for their getting back to me and for the feedback. They usually notify me and leave feedback at the same time.

In the rare instance there is an issue or a problem, I now have clear communications with them and quickly resolve the problem to their complete satisfaction. I offer a money back guarantee on all new merchandise and even some used items, so this is all part of good customer service that I offer.

Now in the rare case that the buyer does not contact me on receipt or leave feedback, I wait a couple of weeks and go through my entire open feedback report and send out another email to each buyer on that report. Again, create your own email in your words, but this is what I send them:



I was just checking my Feedback Forum and noticed that you never left feedback on our transaction for:

(Copy or drag the link and name of the item so they can click here to go there.)

Since feedback is so important on eBay and helps us all identify the good guys from the not so good guys, I would urge you to leave feedback on our transaction. By doing so my system will automatically leave positive feedback for you as well.

I understand that some ebayers are not familiar with the system and might find this a bit of a learning experience, but I can assure you it is easy to do and you will begin to add positive feedback to your profile. If for some reason you felt I let you down and therefore decided not to leave feedback, it is important I know that as well. It is your feedback that helps me improve my service to all my customers.

How To Leave Feedback

Please go to your Feedback Forum located at:


You will see how simple it is to leave feedback once you get there. There are also a few links to explain the importance of feedback and how to do it.


I am always searching for new and exciting products to offer my eBay customers so please check my store from time to time to see the new items.

Lens-Friendly-Auctions (link to my eBay store here)

You can also choose to bookmark our store and eBay will send you a notice each time I offer a new item. It is a great way to stay in touch.

Hope to see you again at another auction or sale, I appreciate your patronage, quick payment and of course your positive comments should you choose to leave some.


Len Rapoport

A Proud eBay Silver Power Seller Since 1998


Now if this doesn't work and they still do not contact me or leave feedback, well I assume they got the item in good order and just don't feel compelled to go and leave feedback. In those cases, I just let is go and won't contact them further.

Since there are many people out there and some are not all wonderful human beings, I won't leave feedback for the buyer unless they contact me or leave feedback for me. Why you might ask... because my profile and feedback is something I work hard to earn and I bend way over backwards to please a customer. For this reason I won't leave the feedback in the event they want to take a shot at me because they didn't like my face or they had a bad day and want to take it out on me.

Having the last word gives a seller a little bit of insurance in preventing un-deserved neutral or negative feedback. On so many auctions the seller works on pennies and the feedback is the bonus or tip, you might say, when we do a good job. Waiters work for less then minimum wages and work on tips, so do so many eBayers and our tips may not be the money we make, but the gratification getting feedback like this (taken from the most recent feedback, I get around 100 per month):

Great communications! Fast Payment! Wonderful to do business with! AAA+++++++

Great Product, fast shipping, excellent communication/descriptions

I am totally satisfied by the item, the shipping, everything! Great Seller!!

light exactly as listed, easy to install, very happy plants! thanks so much! A+++

excellent customer service.. i would buy from this person again A+


You will note that the one thing you see in all these is fast shipping, good communications, Exactly what was listed, good products.

So work hard and you will find that your customers will be happy and will leave you a nice "Ebay Tip" that you may not be able to take to the bank, but it will help you get through those very long days on the computer and the many trips to the post office.

Source : http://reviews.ebay.com/FREE-Email-Templates-To-Help-Increase-Feedback-amp_W0QQugidZ10000000000100191
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